Write For Us

We ask that you submit at least one image per article to serve as the featured image and thumbnail. Administrators have certain standards and reserve the right to suggest changes or refuse submissions that fall short.

Writers for DD have three options:

True Anonymity:

We encourage anonymity as it is the surest way to prevent career damage or persecution of yourself or family members. Anonymity does not require you to sign up for an account, making it the fastest, easiest way for first time writers. Anonymity makes it harder for you to later claim credit for what you have written.


Some writers may prefer pseudonyms. Pseudonyms allow writers to develop an online reputation with a username and avatar. People using pseudonyms may “get to know each other” over time. Depending on how well you cover your tracks and how motivated your haters are, your pseudonym may be doxed.

Real Names:

Some people who are already open with their identity may choose to publish under their real names.