We Are Moving

Dixie Daily has been seized by pagan National Socialists and went bankrupt within the first ten minutes due to infighting between Odinists and Druids. The rift seems to have been escalated to swordplay and spear throwing over rumors that Odin was a “one-eyed fag”. Cadavers were purportedly eaten by survivors when the new company cafeteria was found empty and unstaffed. The last survivor was found watching reruns of Vikings, unaware of his surroundings.

The remains of Dixie Daily were sold at public auction to Identity Dixie, the newly launched Dixie Patriot, and sundry other Southern nationalist or Alt-Right publications. Dixie Patriot bought the twitter and facebook accounts which will be rebranded.

The changes will increase our efficiency and maximize our tactical advantages in preaching the good word as we march to victory.

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