Jew of the Week: Unknown Trans

Ok, I cannot confirm exactly who this thing beautiful trans person is, but it has been a twitter phenomenon. Maybe you can see why and let us know in the comments, cause I just can’t see it, except perhaps that regular straight women are jealous of thing’s good looks like the feminist outrage over this billboard photo a while back.

Beach body poster row

Heck, it could even be the same person from before the surgery for all I know.

The twitter handle @louiseaoyn has tweets protected and the linked personal website uses cookies so you’re on your own there. Until we have a name, it will just have to be Jew of the Week awarded to “Unknown Trans” thing beautiful successful gender trans person that self identifies as a jew. Of course we have no evidence that the thing beautiful successful trans person is a jew beyond that it self identifies as such.


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  1. James H Swor // February 25, 2017 at 3:48 pm //

    that’s a shock to the system I didn’t really need, LOL!


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