Tool of the Week: Senator Ray Jones

This week’s tool of the Week award goes to KY Democrat Senator Ray Jones for his outspoken countersignaling of the patriot group known as Traditionalist Workers Party. TWP has scheduled a two day event at a state park in Pikeville, KY to advocate for the interest of white working class families. Senator Ray Jones by his actions in this meeting, clearly stands against the interest of white working class families. It is seldom that a politician will so openly disdain his constituents, but Ray Jones has done it! He has made it clear that he doesn’t oppose them over religion (apparently he’s ok with paganism) or economic policy (no surprise there), but explicitly because they are pro-white working class organization. Either Ray is against the working class, or against whites, or both. Well, there is another option: He could be full of shit like most politicians who will say whatever he thinks will advance his career the most. His donors were probably pleased with the stance he took; heck, they may have even written the statement for him to read. I doubt he will lose many votes over it though, since the majority of his electorate is drunk whores with one or more babies being paid for (through the welfare system) by men that did not sire them.

Please take the time to congratulate @SenatorRayJones on twitter for his achievement and thank @Bradleybowman for the video!


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