Mudshark of the Week: Chelsea Peretti

Chelsea Peretti is a comedian, pregnant with and married to the mulatto Jordan Peele. The good news is that Chelsea is herself half jew and half Italian. Per Wikipedia:

Peretti was born and raised in Oakland, California,[4] the daughter of an Italian American father and Jewish mother.[5][6] Her older brother is internet entrepreneur Jonah Peretti, who founded BuzzFeed and co-founded The Huffington Post.[7][8]

So it’s not like the white race has suffered some kind of loss due to her mudsharking. The resulting child will be 1/4 jew, 1/4 Italian, 1/4 negro, and 1/4 New York yankee mudshark.

I personally wish all jews and shitlib whites would just go ahead and mix with negroes. That way we could easily conquer them within one generation with very little loss on our side. Maybe even zero losses of life on our side.


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  1. certainly makes the job of identifying our enemies easier…


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