Lying Ungrateful Negro @RichardaFowler Says We Deny Racism! Tells Us To Go To Hell!

Our first Negro of the Week is now lying about us on Youtube!

He says we deny racism in some mealy mouthed cuckservative/cuckfederate BS on our About page. Nope. Read it again you low IQ negro. We clearly acknowledge racism as the default rule of nature for all races and we have posted content to that effect which clearly predates Richard’s video.

Is Richard’s reading comprehension really that bad? Pfhht. No wonder negroes are the universal slave race. Why would anybody let him comment on national news if he can’t even get that right? He shouldn’t even be working at a local news station if he is that dumb.

Now the “Go to Hell” part at the end is a little troubling. I have never told anyone to go to Hell. Telling white men to go to Hell is no way to bridge the racial divide. Our ancestors rescued Richard’s ancestors from cannibals and malaria back in Africa and this is how thankful he is! #UngratefulNegro

This kind of behavior warrants another Negro of the Week award. Congratulations Richard, you have actually won the award twice now.

Congratulate Richard on twitter at @Richardafowler

Will he win our first Triple Crown Award? We’ll jest [<yeah, I did that on purpose] have to wait and see.

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  1. a fine addition to the cavalcade of leftist scum on display…


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