The Field Negro: Dixie’s National Animal

Symbols are important. Most if not all nations have a national animal, national personification, etc. Most high school, college, and pro sports teams have mascots. I don’t really have an explanation for how it works, but the practice of having some kind of iconic mascot just helps to rally people. It just fills some kind of position reserved in the human psyche. It is a sort of meme. People have been making memes since long before meme was a word. Uncle Sam is just a meme. The Bald Eagle (as the US national animal) is just a meme. But somehow these memes work to unite people. I don’t know how it works, and I don’t know how to measure meme magic, but it works.

I’ve been in multiple discussions where people debated the pros and cons of the horse, the wild turkey, the wild boar, the alligator, even the pit bull for Dixie’s national animal, but I’m going to suggest the negro, specifically the field negro. It is already a symbol of the South and of Dixie’s White Supremacy. How could anybody have a problem with that?

Some people may think of the horse, the wild boar, or the wild turkey as iconic animals to represent Dixie. But what could be more iconic, more culturally intertwined with Dixie than the field negro? Dixie is famous throughout the global West for our history of negro slavery. Surely those that work tirelessly to preserve Confederate heritage will be pleased with this option. Furthermore the other animals I mentioned above all have faults. The wild boar, while it may be popular as a caricature, is a horrendous pest, doing over a billion dollars in damage per year, spreads diseases, sometimes attacks people, and is a universal symbol for filth. The negro on the other hand does none of those things. I mean really, what could be more virtuous in character than the field negro? Have you not seen the movie Roots? They are the most sublime in character of all the animals and should be the clear winner, head and shoulders above the rest to become Dixie’s national animal.

Think about it. Who is going to deny that negroes are:

  • honest
  • hard working
  • loyal
  • intelligent
  • responsible

In fact, I have heard from multiple reliable sources that this country was built on the backs of negroes! Friends, there is no decision left to make. Dixie’s national animal is the negro.

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