Warning to Doxxers

If you dox administrators of Dixie Daily, then one of us might just begin publishing videos and hosting video chats. He’s considered going public with real name and just getting it over with for some time now, but has decided to stay anon for as long as possible. We are much more intelligent, educated, even tempered, and well spoken than Richard Fowler would like to believe. Doxxing will only make Dixie Daily stronger.

The only reason you would dox someone is to subject him to intimidation or persecution for his thought crime. You hate us because you hate the truth. We fully understand that you would burn us at the stake or throw us to the lions if you could. We have calculated the risks and are willing martyrs if need be.

Here’s what’s not going to happen:

  • We are not going to apologize.
  • We are not going to back down.
  • We are not going to turn against each other.

If we lose our pen names (like so many historically great men have used) then so be it.

Dox if you want, but we will only take Dixie Daily to the next level if you do.

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