Dump Religious Infighting

Editor’s note: This post is a rebuttal to two previous posts by Prez Davis, Dump the Pagans and Paganism: Proudly Picking Pockets and Breaking Legs Since PreChristian Periods.

The position of religion in the nationalist movement has long been one of contention and division. Infighting between different Christian confessions has been a problem not just in the nationalist movement in recent decades, but has been a problem in the South since the beginning.

From Spanish forces slaughtering a colony of French Huguenot Protestants in Florida during the 16th century to anti-Catholicism being enshrined in many Southern colonial and state laws for centuries (and actual violence against Catholics with the 1920s Klan); conflict between Christian Southerners of different confessions has been an ongoing source of disunity and weakness for our people.

Conflict and animosity between Christians and those who follow various forms of folk religion is a newer problem in Dixie; but it stems from the same root.

For those who may not know my faith, I’m an Eastern Orthodox Christian. I was raised a Roman Catholic, became a Traditionalist Catholic in college, and now am a Western Rite Russian Orthodox Old Calendarist. My faith is a very important part of my life, my family, and my politics.

I truly could not separate my Christian Faith from my politics, because caring for my people, is following the commandments of the Scriptures and the wisdom of the Church Fathers. Scripture tells us in 1 Timothy 5:8 “But if any provide not for his own, and especially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.” Those of our nation are those of our own house; Christians of different confessions, pagans, and non-Christians.

The very word nation in Greek is “ethnos” which is where we derive the word “ethnicity” from. Nations are organic expressions of a united folk where both blood and soil are a major part of the identity. I have a duty to my people, all of my people, to fight for them and to care for them.

Saint Jerome wrote “there are four kinds of brethren— by nature, race, kindred, love… they are called brethren by kindred who are of one family, that is πατρία, which corresponds to the Latin paternitas, because from a single root a numerous progeny proceeds.”

So from the beginning, I just wish to say that as a Christian, we all have a duty to our people, and that is fulfilling our spiritual commands.

In a recent article at Dixie Daily, a Southern Nationalist network of activists and authors, Prez Davis suggests that dumping the pagans from our ranks will somehow drive the masses into our movement. I think he is misreading the political situation, geopolitical realities, and the very fundamentals of what a nation is.

He states that,

“confession of paganism also correlates with other heterodox confessions, such as:

Flat Earthism



Chemtrail theory


First of all, I don’t vaccinate my son and we try to eat organic whenever possible, as do many of the Kinists and Traditional Christians that I know. Rejecting Big Pharma and Monsanto isn’t a religious belief or value, it is one done out of evaluating the evidence in front of you and making a decision for your family. Millions of other Christians put more faith in the traditions of our ancestors than in the multinational corporations. While one can get carried away with hyper-skepticism, as with Flat Earth quackery, our people have a right and obligation to question what we’ve been told.

I have been to multiple pagan weddings, events where I was one of the only Christians, and met amazing individuals from folk assemblies all over the United States and Europe; never once have I heard someone believe in the Flat Earth, however I have witnessed discussions on Christian forums about the Flat Earth.

Another key issue to understand about paganism is that the vast majority of pagans do not literally believe in Thor, Jupiter, or the other gods; instead paganism is a poetic understanding of both the natural and the supernatural world. As a Christian, one can look at paganism as the prefiguration of Christian morality and the coming of Christ. The first people to worship Christ were pagans from the East.

The Roman term for Zoroastrians was Magi, and it was these followers of Zoroastrianism who were moved by their beliefs to follow and then find Truth, embodied in Christ, the Logos. The Zoroastrians were taught to believe in good and evil, a belief in One God, the coming of a Messiah (born of a virgin) who shall defeat evil and judge both the living and the dead, and the final victory of good over evil. With this belief System, the Three Magi, or Wise Men, followed their belief System all the way to the Nativity of Christ; demonstrating the powerful prefiguration of Christ and Christianity in the pre-Christian world and belief systems.

The Greek and Roman pagan philosophies such as Stoicism and particularly Platonism were vitally important to the founding of the Christian worldview and the early Christian Church. Church Father and theologian Clement of Alexandria wrote, “Philosophy has been given to the Greeks as their own kind of Covenant, their foundation for the philosophy of Christ … the philosophy of the Greeks … contains the basic elements of that genuine and perfect knowledge which is higher than human … even upon those spiritual objects.”

To many European pagans, the belief system of paganism is a faith, but one where the various gods are personifications of elements of nature, the supernatural, and humanity. Gods take on a particular look or attributes to help, through mythology and practices, the people understand eternal Truths and to cultivate virtue within the individual, the family, and the society.

Romans 2:14-15 explains how pre-Christian faiths and traditions were based on the innate search for Truth, a love of what is good and moral, and a foundation for all morality is found within all humans. The Scriptures tell us “Indeed, when Gentiles, who do not have the law, do by nature things required by the law, they are a law for themselves, even though they do not have the law. They show that the requirements of the law are written on their hearts, their consciences also bearing witness, and their thoughts sometimes accusing them and at other times even defending them.”

In the search for knowledge and for Truth, guided by the conscience of what is right and what is wrong that is in the heart of every man, our ancestors crafted and followed belief systems that helped them reach towards God and understanding of the universe.

C.S Lewis famously said in a speech at Oxford that “there is some divine illumination vouchsafed to all men. The Divine light, we are told, ‘lighteneth every man.’ We should, therefore, expect to find in the imagination of great Pagan teachers and myth makers [myth according to Lewis is not a deception, but an imaginative way of transferring truth] some glimpse of that theme which we believe to be the very plot of the whole cosmic story—the theme of incarnation, death, and rebirth.”

For Christians to properly understand paganism, look beyond the animosity and contention. As Dietrich Eckart said “our words always contain some joy, some satisfaction, that our pagan ancestors were already so Christian.” The spite that some Christians have for our pagan brothers and sisters is a knee jerk reaction; instead we should love and respect them, while of course praying for them and providing a pious and dedicated Christian example.

The only thing I have heard from the pagan community on Prez Davis’ list is opposition to Christianity. In at least 9 out of 10 cases, the opposition to Christianity that many pagans claim, is opposition to the same “Christianity” that any Traditionalist Christian hates.

Whether it is Zionism, support for open borders, promotion of racial intermarriage, or defense of the materialist “Prosperity Gospel”; the weak, effeminate, and heretical Christianity opposed by Christians is the Christianity that pagans have been raised around, and they reject, for good reason I might add.

There are pagans, on the Internet primarily, that attack Christianity. On the flip-side, there are a great number of Christian nationalists who mock our pagan brothers and sisters and our pre-Christian heritage. In the past, I’ve actually been one of those Christians. It’s actually from those debates, and from both Christian and pagan nationalists offering a more complete perspective, that I’ve learned that Prez Davis’s message will not only fail to defeat the pagans, but it will succeed in keeping Christian nationalists alienated and isolated.

One of the primary reasons for this infighting is found in the online culture that has developed. From the many hundreds of pagans I have marched with and know personally, I have never experienced anything other than respect from pagans for my Faith. When you get out of the chatrooms and into real life, whether it is differences on subculture, economics, or religion; conflict is far less likely.

The vast majority of pagans in the nationalist movement support the values and beliefs of Traditional Christianity and a system of mutual respect and coexistence.

Prez Davis continues by saying, “Our target group of reachable Southern whites (Dixians) is overwhelmingly Christian.”

This simply isn’t the Truth for future generations and it is barely true now. Secularization has reached such a fever pitch in our society that we Christians are essentially in a pre-Christian context, one where we can no longer appeal to the hegemony of our faith among our target audience. Even those in churches are not especially on our side. Only “Forty-four percent of white evangelical Protestants say they’re conservative on most political matters; that compares to 33 percent of white non-evangelical Protestants and white Catholics alike.”

Young Southerners especially are staying away from the pews in record numbers, and for good reason, there is nothing of value to be found in most of the mainline churches. Many churches now teach men to be weak, women to be men, and a total inversion of traditional Christian beliefs held from the time of Christ to a half century ago.

Revolutionary movements are built on the young and the poor. Both demographics are rapidly losing their faith, and the institutions of the faith are encouraging them to get lost.

According to Pew, “only 27% of Millennials say they attend religious services on a weekly basis, compared with 51% of adults in the Silent generation… Only about half of Millennials say they believe in God with absolute certainty, compared with seven-in-ten Americans in the Silent and Baby Boom cohorts. And only about four-in-ten Millennials say religion is very important in their lives, compared with more than half in the older generational cohorts.”

Let’s just look at the numbers.

Evangelicals make up about 26% of the overall American population. These churches are so Zionist it is painful to behold. These churches have flipped on the flag, like the Southern Baptist Convention that declared last year, “We call our brothers and sisters in Christ to discontinue the display of the Confederate battle flag as a sign of solidarity of the whole Body of Christ, including our African-American brothers and sisters.”

If the Southern Baptists, a denomination founded on protecting slavery and White supremacy in the South, are going to call on all of their members to not even fly the Confederate battle flag, I don’t see them rallying around a secessionist and explicitly ethno-nationalist movement anytime soon.

As soon as the pastor tells the people they can’t be involved in this struggle, most won’t join. When the church leaders in the 1960’s rallied around Martin Luther King Jr. or did so in the coming decades as they saw the political pendulum shifting, they radically redefined our beliefs.

Gallup reports that, “Continuing to represent one of the largest shifts of public opinion in Gallup history, 87% of Americans now favor marriage between blacks and whites, up from 4% in 1958.”

When the organized Christian churches decided to go with the times, heck, even the Mormons suddenly had a “revelation” and dropped banning Blacks from the priesthood in 1976, public opinion among churchgoers was shifted dramatically in the blink of an eye.

Catholics make up about 20% of the American population, and the Church is officially pro-refugee, pro-immigration, anti-nationalist, and anti-traditional.

Pope Francis is attacking Trump, a civic nationalist, already, saying he is like Hitler and people need to reject nationalism and support being demographically displaced.

Francis said last year “A person who thinks only about building walls — wherever they may be — and not building bridges, is not Christian. I’d just say that this man [Trump] is not Christian.” Outside of Traditionalist Catholics and sedevacantists, Catholics are under the boot heel of an institution that actively supports our demographic displacement, and calls nationalists “not Christian” when we work to protect our nation and our families.

Increasingly as well, these Catholics in America are not White, they are from the Global South. That number will only increase; leading to an increase in communist-inspired “Liberation Theology” and Third World mysticism.

Mainline Protestants are turbo-cucked in terms of values regarding homosexuality, borders, feminism, abortion, etc…

The Episcopal Church, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), and many other large Protestant confessions perform gay marriages; which makes sense when a “solid majority of white mainline Protestants (62%) now favor allowing gays and lesbians to wed, with just 33% opposed.”

High Church Protestants support divorce at a rate of 61%. The American Baptist Church, Episcopal Church, Evangelical Lutheran Church, United Church of Christ, United Methodist Church, and the Presbyterian Church (USA), and other confessions also ordain women to the priesthood and support feminist policies. Nearly 40% of the abortions in America are done by women who identify as Protestant.

My own denomination, Eastern Orthodoxy, is overwhelmed with degenerates in America. While she may be standing strong in the Old World, Ameridoxy is a festering cesspool of abortionists, globalists, and radical feminists. These hypocrites eagerly take selfies of themselves offering the Mysteries to abortionist politician Michael Dukakis because he’s a fellow Greek. They host a nationwide patchwork of foreign identity clubs masquerading as parishes. But they absolutely cannot and will not stomach the grave heresy of being a White American who objects to the displacement and humiliation of his own ethnic community.

In all of this land of cucked “Christianity”, even the more Traditional churches are almost all opposed to “racism,” nationalism, and anti-semitism; and basically everything needed for us to survive as a people and a culture. If we make this struggle about religion, as soon as some dude in a funny hat orders his parishioners to not be involved, most will fear for their immortal soul and back down.

And out of supposed believing Christians, most based on their values will be on the other side of the barricades in this struggle.

We’ve got a smattering of Anglicans, Kinists, Trad Lutherans, Trad Catholics, Orthodox, and some low-church Protestants who are on our side; but this is not the majority, or even a strong minority of Christians overall in America.

As a movement Southern Nationalism should defend Traditional Christianity, encourage Christian participation, identify the crucial importance of Christianity as the foundation of Southern culture, and promote Christian values and virtues. But we can’t afford to align ourselves with a specific confession. The way to advance Christianity within the nationalist community is to fix Christianity and to model Christian nationalism, not to chase off everybody who’s rightly skeptical of modern Christianity.

The numbers for the Revolution we need are just not there to base this entirely around some Holy Crusade. My faith motivates me. Faith motivates a whole host of our people. But the idea of having a Christian-only movement makes no logistical, tactical, or political sense; because the majority of our people are just not Christian. And the ones who are Christian are typically  strangers in their own denominations.

Prez Davis also writes “Moving forward, our platform should be explicitly Christian and explicitly exclusive of paganism. Trying to win the mainstream when we have known pagans in the group is like trying to get a girlfriend when the whole class knows you have cooties.”

“Win the mainstream” is a line often trotted out by people with a subversive agenda to some degree or another. As Adolf Hitler said in Mein Kampf, a political movement “must not be a follower of public opinion, but must become the master of public opinion.”

The Jewish revolution over our society can only be removed by another revolutionary force in action, thought, and principles. Dr. William Pierce famously said “Though conservatism cannot win against the left, a new revolutionary force, with the spiritual basis that conservatism lacks, and advancing with even more boldness and determination than the forces of the left, can win!.. the West’s salvation must now come from young men and women of revolutionary spirit and outlook who are through talking and instead are willing to do whatever is necessary to take back their nation.”

We cannot be conservatives, for there is nothing left to conserve. Our schools, our communities, and our nations have all been taken over by the Jewish power structure and their capitalist lackeys. The idea of sinking into the comfort zone of Middle America to try to save them is nonsense, we must lead the people to the true and final solutions to the illness that ails us. The people need Truth, the undiluted Truth. We must be revolutionary, not evolutionary. Folks must be converted to an entirely new worldview, not merely persuaded with superficial and stylistic appeals.

James Mason wrote in Siege that “The practice of mixing Truth with lies in an effort to formulate something that the sick masses might accept without much struggle has resulted in the Right having built for itself an insurmountable obstacle of self-imposed hang-ups and restrictions.” This sentiment is one hundred percent accurate. If we need a revolutionary movement to achieve total victory, while initial growth might be slow, the men and women who join us will be the fanatics we need for the true struggle.

These fanatics might be Crusaders, these fanatics might be Berserkers, or these fanatics could come from any number of subcultures or backgrounds; but what matters is that they are fanatics, what matters is they are willing to give up their lives and their freedom for the survival of our children, and what matters is that they stand together to form a unified front for our National Community.

Commander George Lincoln Rockwell wrote “Revolution is a spectators sport. The majority will sit in the stands and watch the factions fight. At the end they will choose side with the team that is winning.” This is true in any nation for any revolution on either the Left or Right, the real revolution is not the masses against one another, but the fanatics against one another.

We as nationalists are fanatical for the Cause of saving our people, and the Jews and their lackeys are just as fanatical about destroying ourselves and our civilization. Most people in modern society just want to mind their own business and will pick sides in the struggle based on our strength and ability to utilize that strength; only the fanatics are true believers in any System. Ezra Pound said, “If a man isn’t willing to take some risk for his opinions, either his opinions are no good or he’s no good.” To gain power, we must cultivate and raise up a generation of fanatics, not masses of lukewarm supporters who will scatter at the first sign of persecution or trouble.

When Prez Davis says being “more Christian” is the way, I’d like to point out that the mainstream White population’s relationship with Donald Trump. White Americans rejected the more overtly Christian candidates for a man with a plan about immigration, jobs, infrastructure, and sovereignty.

Donald Trump by all accounts has been living as an atheist for his entire adult life, exemplified when he went to church on a campaign stop in Iowa and was so unfamiliar with services, he nearly put money in the communion tray, mistaking it for a collection plate. Donald Trump has been divorced multiple times, is not an active member of any church, and by all accounts isn’t a devoted Christian in any capacity; but he took the Bible Belt by a landslide.

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and the rest of the “Christian candidates,” all floundered, even in the Bible Belt; because if people want a man to talk about religion, they have a priest or a pastor for that; what our people are hungry for is a future for themselves and their children. We’ve reached the logical conclusion of inauthentic Mike Huckabee bleeding heart Christian Zionism. “Christianity” is no longer the blank check to bamboozle the white working class that it was for so long.

It’s great that you’re a “Christian.” Good deal. Me, too. But are you with or against me and my people?

Our target demographic wants the Jewish bankers off their backs and a better life for their children. Our target demographic wants clean streets, good opportunities, and not becoming a minority in their own nation. The people are tired of their sons coming home crippled or in caskets for Jewish wars in the Middle East. They are tired of the slick and sly politician and pastor who uses them and then abandons them. Our people are looking for truth, sincerity, and solutions.

There is a push by some under this moniker of meeting the public where they are that it will make our ideas more palatable and thus more “respectable” but as James Jason wrote “As Commander Rockwell said in the 1960’s, if you’re racialist and aware of the role of the Jews and are willing to discuss it, then they’re going to brand you a ‘Nazi’ regardless of what you may call yourself or your group. You can even try cursing the Nazis and they’ll STILL call you a ‘Nazi’.”

Commander Rockwell and countless nationalists have understood that you cannot outflank the Jew or win by being more clever. The Jew is our misfortune, and it is the reason we are facing the issues that we are. We cannot ignore the Jewish role in the attack on the West, and with that, we will undoubtedly be called “Nazis,” no matter how tame our criticism of the Jews are.

We can either peddle snake oil in the form of revamped conservatism to our people, or offer pure undiluted medicine to actually cure their ailment. It is not loving or compassionate to give a sick child a sweet tasting concoction that does nothing for his health. The truly compassionate thing to do is to force open his mouth and give him the real medicine, no matter how much he fights it or how bad it tastes.

As a political movement, our duty is to care for the physical needs of the people, it is the duty of the religious institutions to care for their immortal souls. We can and will have a political system that promotes Christianity, traditional values, and a healthy Faith; but our movement is not a Church, a Folk assembly, or any sort of religious institution.

Our people is what makes up our nation. If a million Southerners were on a Mars colony and Dixie was annihilated in a nuclear war, the Southern people would still survive and have a future. While our soil is important, it is not our nation.

Throughout history, populations have migrated due to the environment or warfare. Borders have shifted, and peoples have lived under occupations by foreign powers for centuries at a time; but as long as the heritage remains, the people have a future.

Saving our people and building a new and independent nation for ourselves will allow us to purge our society of what currently ails it. Removing the Jewish poison will allow us to have our churches return to true and Traditional Christianity, liberate our youth from the shackles of modern decadence, and allow us to build the families, communities, and nation that our future generations deserve. To do this, we must be fanatical, we must have real solutions to real problems, and we must unify as a people–as an extended family–to care and fight for one another.

This spirit of understanding that our people is our nation solves the religious infighting, class differences, and subcultural differences found within the nationalist movement. This also allows us to focus on the issues that are impacting our people, and provide political and cultural solutions for them, while still encouraging Faith and its expression in both the public and private sphere.

To exclude non-Christians from the movement begins a slippery slope that leads to division and conflict. Low Church Protestants, especially Calvinists, do not believe that Catholics and Orthodox Christians are Christians. The Catholic Church according to the Council of Trent teaches that only through the Catholic Church can one find salvation. The Orthodox Church teaches the importance of the Sacraments, something that many Low Church Protestants reject.

In all of this, we either all view one another as an extended family and treat one another with respect, or prepare for religious conflict and national disunity, something that has plagued Europe for centuries.

To build the proper political movement, to truly care for the needs of our people, we must build a National Socialist State, built upon the principles of our people being an undivided National Community. Corneliu Codreanu wrote when speaking of his Motherland, “When we say ‘Romanian Nation’ – we understand it as: all romanians, alive and dead, who lived on this land since the start of its history and those who will live on it in the future.”

While Corneliu Codreanu and the Legion were fanatical Orthodox Christians, notice that Codreanu said “all Romanians” not just “Orthodox Romanians.” From the pagan Romanians in the pre-Christian period, to the modern agnostics, to the Catholics and Protestants, to all future generations; being a Romanian was a matter of blood and the duty of a Romanian is to honor all of your ancestors, and fight for all of the children of Romania. The principle of stewardship and the National Community overwhelm any sense of division.

Only National Socialism provides the proper framework to put aside divisions of gender, class, and religion; to instead lift up all members of the National Community to be physically and spiritually stronger.

Povl Heinrich Riis-Knudsen wrote that “National Socialism was not invented by Adolf Hitler, but is the conscious expression of the fundamental Laws of Nature governing our lives…Unlike all these other philosophies, National Socialism has never been invented; National Socialism has been derived from the eternal Laws of Nature, which have existed as long as the universe and which have governed all life since the first primitive organism came into existence.”

For the Christian, the laws of Nature were created by God. We are called to follow Natural Law in our stewardship to one another, the planet, and future generations. Pagans are also called by their faith tradition to follow Natural Law; and while we might disagree on the expression of a faith system, the foundation is rooted in the same ground and on the same principles.

The principle of the National Community found in National Socialism is one of the key elements. Regardless of profession, gender, class, or religion; you are part of the same community. Each member of the community has responsibilities to one another. It is a society built upon sacrifice, fraternity, and responsibility. Adolf Hitler wrote “The main plank in the National Socialist program is to abolish the liberalistic concept of the individual and the Marxist concept of humanity and to substitute therefore the folk community, rooted in the soil and bound together by the bond of its common blood.”

We are all one people, with one shared destiny. To follow the proposal of Prez Davis is dishonorable because it involves throwing our comrades and extended family under the bus for perceived political expediency, it is an inaccurate look at our people, it hides the nature of politics, and fundamentally; it is destructive.

Our foundational principle for our movement should be simple, the Fourteen Words; “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.” Anything more than that destroys the National Community spirit of our folk, and divides us on religion, class, subculture, or profession.

We are all in this together and I know that when I look at my young son and my wife, that to defend them and their future I would rather put my trust in the hands of a fanatical pagan who loves his people to stand next to me, than a limp wristed Christian who puts his money or societal approval above his folk.

Our people will take a revolution to survive, and that revolution will come from our vanguard of fanatics; of many confessions and faiths, leading the people to a new dawn and total victory. So don’t throw your comrades under the bus, stand with them, and fight with them; our children are counting on it.

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Chairman of Traditionalist Worker Party, White Nationalist, Southern Nationalist, and family man.

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  1. I read the whole thing, so far this is what I get from it:
    Matt has lots of pagan friends.
    Pagans are great.
    Christians aren’t really so great (Matt is one of the good ones).
    The South isn’t Christian.
    There is corruption in the church.
    We need pagans to inspire us.
    We can’t make it without pagans.
    Religious diversity is our greatest strength.
    Division among religions is a choice, not a fact of life.
    Matt is a negligent father for not vaccinating his son.


  2. You just floated right over the fact that he deconstructed your entire argument.

    The Christian institutions are implacable opponents.

    Most soi distant Christians in the contemporary South are turbo-cucked, Blind Side, degenerates.

    The South is no longer hegemonically Christian, and less and less so the closer you get to our relevant vanguard and future-oriented outreach demographics.

    You’re opening a can which will invariably result in religious infighting. Even you are already defining which Christians are “real Christians” and which are “fake Christians.”


    • He didn’t deconstruct shit. My argument stands:

      1) There are many times more Christians than pagans in the South.
      2) Associating with pagans, giving it space in our orgs is offputting to Christians.

      We both know that the immigration cucking in the church is overwhelmingly a top down phenomenon, in many cases direct bribery by jews. If pagan churches had significant influence in American politics, the jews would be buyng off pagan leaders too.

      You can argue how the South isn’t really *that* Christian, but the same argument applies to paganism. It is many times more Christian than pagans. Even the dumbest and shallowest politicians pander to the Christian vote and don’t bother trying to win the pagan vote.

      I am not opening a can of worms. I am stating the obvious truth that apparently most are not willing to state, even when they know it’s true. Religious strife is a fact of life, I have only advocated that Christians take their own side.

      Please point out exactly where I defined which Christians are *real* and *fake*. Are you talking about my advice to ditch the mormons?


      • Yes. I was referring to your claiming that Mormons are fake Christians.

        What’s your explicit cutoff for which Christians are real or not?


        • Will it make you happy if I add the word orthodox so that it reads “It is to our advantage to eliminate Mormonism from Dixie, both because of its competitive nature against *orthodox* Christianity…”?

          You might as well argue that we can’t have racial preferences because the optimal cutoff point between European and nonEuropean is too confusing when you get to Italians, Sicilians, or Turks.

          What cutoff do you propose for those with Amerind or negro admixture before you count them as nonwhite? The point is that at some point somebody will have to draw the line somewhere. I suggested to draw the religious tolerance line to exclude mormons and I explained why. I never said anywhere that we must be open to every Christian denomination, therefore it makes little difference in policy whether mormons are truly Christians or not.


          • The question of defining “What is White?” has been hashed out pretty decisively, with just about everybody agreeing that “Socially ‘White [American],’ and of overwhelmingly European ancestry,” with Europe being defined between the Mediterranean and Urals, is an acceptable working definition.

            It cuts out some blue-eyed Persians and leaves in some swarthy Sicilians, and that’s fine.

            You can pretend that the debate hasn’t reached a mature consensus because you just showed up and haven’t been paying attention. But it has, with Nordicists and Turkroaches consistently and steadily losing out.

            I suppose we’ll all just wait and see if you consider Orthodox Christianity is too foreign, or perhaps you consider sabbatarians, Christian Identity, and Jehovah’s Witnesses “orthodox.”


  3. Dear Matt ~~ I do agree that all religious infighting among us should and must stop. I must say that, from what I have observed, most of such fighting is between pagans and Christians, and in almost every case it was the pagan party who started the problem by insulting either 1) Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ or 2) Christian culture and morals or 3) Christians in general, past and present, or some combination of the above. I’m sure that there are some cases, somewhere, where Christians were the aggressive party in such infighting, but that’s not what I’ve observed. I will not insult or otherwise disparage anyone in our movement because of their beliefs, no matter how much I disagree with them. However, if my Savior, or my Christian beliefs, the beliefs of the great majority of our people for a thousand years, are insulted or attacked, I will feel compelled to respond. I suggest someone in authority ‘rein in’ these anti-Christian pagans before they do serious damage to the movement. Adolf Hitler would never have tolerated such behavior by members of his movement, and neither should we.


  4. Jonathan Nugent // January 26, 2017 at 5:26 pm //

    “Religious diversity is our greatest strength”

    Can it not be argued that religious toleration has been the only successful part of the American experiment?


    • Pfhhht. No. Well, I mean, maybe if your name is Hillary Clinton or Nanci Pelosi you could make that argument, but otherwise no.

      Religious toleration works to the extent that Christians are willing to give up their Christian countries.
      Racial toleration works to the extent that whites are willing to give up their physical territory.


    • spoal


  5. Mac Tírë // January 27, 2017 at 12:28 am //

    Prezdavis the “interim president of the Republic of Dixie.” Another narcissistic internet clown.



    By ‘liberals’, which ones do we mean?

    I think there is a division within the Democratic Party. Not everyone is for war and neo-imperialism. And this is why the Democratic Elites are eager to ramp up the tensions. When there is division in the home, try to unite everyone by directing their ire at some FOREIGN enemy.

    Over the years, Jewish Power has become more central to the Democratic Party. Yet, at the same time, as the Party became all about Diversity and anti-white politics(at least in rhetoric because most privileged white urbanites are Democrats), there’s been rise of anti-Jewish sentiments, not least because the majority of People of Color side with Palestinians. And increasing numbers of Prog Jews are leaning to BDS or something similar, if only because they don’t want to look like hypocrites before the Diversity Crowd. And even though Democratic anti-white politics is really meant to be anti-deplorable-white and pro-virtue-signaling-white, the problem is a lot of People of Color cannot tell the difference between ‘good’ ones and ‘bad’ ones.

    So, there is a lot of divisions within the Party. So, Jewish elites of the party beat the war drums about RUSSIA and other foreign threats to rally the much divided troops. It’s gonna be more difficult than Ancient Jews trying to keep the 12 tribes together. There are now 120 nationalities in the US.

    Foreign policy is used as rallying cry, but it can also prove to be divisive. After all, if the Democratic Party comes down hard on China, it will alienate Asian-Americans. If it comes down hard on Muslims, it will piss off Muslims. On the one hand, Jewish Democrats want US foreign policy to be pro-Zionist and fight Wars for Israel. On the other hand, this is risky since it increases bad blood between US and the Muslim world. So, the Jewish-controlled media try to spin the Middle East issue as BAD RUSSIA supports BAD ASSAD and causes all this ‘refugee’ crisis, and BAD TRUMP THE NEO-NAZI won’t take ‘refugees’ like the US didn’t take Jewish refugees during WWII. But this is, of course, selective reading of events. It ignores the fact that much of the Middle East and North Africa, MENA, are up in flames because of Jewish-controlled US foreign policy that was instrumental in messing up Iraq, Libya, and Syria. With Syria and Yemen, US used its proxies. And it overlooks the fact that the main architect of the Afghan plan began under the Carter administration.

    Democrat elites wanna push the narrative of the US as the good guy who takes refugees from evil Assad, but as Tulsi Gabbard said — and she is no bimbo like Hanoi Jane — , it is the US that has been aiding the moral equivalents of the Khmer Rouge in Syria. Gabbard blows up the narrative that American Jews are compassionate friends of the Muslims. She reports that US foreign policy is the cause for the mess in the region. She doesn’t name the Jewish Power, but anyone who connects the dots will come to that conclusion.

    We have to be careful when we say ‘liberals’ because there is a huge difference in interest and emphasis between Jewish Democratic elites and the increasing non-white rabble of the Democratic Party. And there are differences even among the rabble(and even among the elites, as rising numbers of non-whites in Democratic elite ranks don’t much sympathize with Jews). Blacks and Mexicans don’t give a crap about Russia, and they don’t give a damn about Muslim world. Mexicans want more immigration and amnesty, but blacks aren’t too keen about that. Arab-Americans are pissed at Jews, and Muslim Americans find feminism to be degenerate.

    But the Party is still largely funded and run by Jewish elites. They don’t know how to keep the rabble together, especially as Black Lives Mattered into a mess. Also, the homo issue sort of fizzled cuz Trump went along with it(though without enthusiasm) and promised to protect homos and trannies from Muslims. We have no idea what the Pussy March was supposed to be about.

    So, Jews figure the only issue that might hold everyone together is RUSSIA IS THE NEW BIG BAD WOLF THAT PUT TRUMP IN THE WHITE HOUSE. Jews fear Russia more than anything. It’s no longer the Cold War fear. During the Cold War, there was the dread of communism with Russia as its main sponsor. But such fear is history. USSR is long gone, and Russia is just a regional power, not even a great one at that.

    So, why all the fear? Why all the hysteria? It’s because the Russian example is threatening to Jewish globalist elite rule. Jews associate ‘nationalism’ with politics for the gentile majority at the expense of Jewish supremacist domination. Jews are now so addicted to total supremacist rule in the US that anything less seems like the holocaust. Not holocaust of Jews but holocaust of Jewish supremacism. After all, Jews are free to make money and get ahead in Russia and Hungary and Poland. So, why all the fuss? Putin isn’t anti-Jewish. It’s because their respective nationalisms will not totally surrender to Jewish demands. In the US, Jews have been getting everything their way. Even a man as blunt and crude as Netanyahu got to step all over Obama who remained mute during Gaza massacre and showered Israel with billions more even as Israeli politicians were spitting at him.

    When people become accustomed, addicted, to total power, anything less seems like ‘injustice’. It’s like King mentality. For a king, a good life isn’t enough. Everyone must obey him. And this became the Jewish template in the US, and Jews hate ANY threat to the globalist order where gentiles say “your wish is my command”.

    In a way, there is a consistency between Old Liberalism and New Liberalism IF we look at the Jewish element. Jewish anti-war stance in the past and Jewish pro-war stance in the present may seem like opposites on the outside BUT they have the same logic since both are predicated on ‘Is it good for the Jews?’

    In the past, anti-communism was associated with the American Right dominated by Wasps. So, naturally, Jews were either pro-communist, communist-sympathizing, or anti-anti-communist. Jews figured communism had no chance of taking over the US. So, the bigger threat to Jewish power was Wasp Right using the specter of communism to justify their power(like the Nazis did). So, being opposed to the Cold War was good for Jews.

    Today, Russia’s example inspires the path to political independence from Jewish globalist control and nationalism. Jews find it threatening, so they cook up the New Cold War. Again, it’s good for the Jews.

    It’s like the story RASHOMON by Akutagawa. Ostensibly, three people tell three different stories. The bandit says he killed the samurai in a fair duel. The wife says she killed her husband who reproached her for being raped. The samurai, through a medium, says he killed himself because he was wronged by both bandit and wife.

    And yet, at the psychological level, they are all telling the same tale driven by ego and pride. The bandit admits he is the killer but proudly says he fought a fair duel and won like a man. The woman says she was raped and victimized by the bandit, but her husband blamed her. So, she was victimized by her husband too, and so she killed her husband because she couldn’t take the blame and humiliation. She defends her dignity.

    And the husband says that after the bandit raped his wife, she asked the bandit to kill the husband so that they could run off together. So, he is the victim of both the bandit who raped his wife and of the wife who betrayed him. He makes himself the object of sympathy.

    So, in a way, they are all telling the same tale.

    Same with Jewish Zionists and Jewish Globalists. Same with Jewish anti-war Liberals and Jewish pro-war globalists. They seem to stand for different things, but if we look at the source of their logic, it all comes down to “Is it good for the Jews?”

    On the surface, what Jews want for Israel and what Jews want for EU/US seem like opposites. Jews are pro-borders & pro-nationalism in Israel and anti-borders & anti-nationalism in gentile lands. Hypocrisy? On the surface, yes. But there is consistency in their inner logic since both are predicated on “Is it good for the Jews?” It’s good for Jews to have nationalism in a Jewish-majority nation, and it’s good for Jews to weaken nationalism in gentile lands because gentile nationalism is a barrier to total Jewish domination.


  7. Aodh Mor MacRaynall // January 28, 2017 at 9:19 pm //

    Matt, Thanks for this article. You are helping traditional Christians come to grips with the reality of the world we live in now. As a traditional Catholic, I know I have nothing to fear from my people who are pagans. If my faith is true, what do I have to fear? Contamination? Don’t make me laugh. And who do the others rub shoulders with? I’ll tell you who, the demonic Jew, the African devil-worshipper. I’ll take a white pagan over the demon-possessed any day. Please continue to address this issue because I feel it is one of great importance. It is rare that I find so little to criticize in a movement and this is why I have joined the TWP.


  8. Feminism and Consumerism were bound to mess up the world.

    They are against nature and mess up the organic balance of things.

    To understand this, imagine 4 people: 2 men and 2 women.

    Suppose there are 2 well-paying jobs.

    We need to take human nature into consideration: Men will marry women without jobs, but women don’t wanna marry men without jobs.

    These are the possible outcomes.

    1. Two men get the jobs. Each can afford to raise a family, and each is willing to marry a woman without a job. So, each marry a woman. So, two men have jobs and they have wives. Everyone gets something. Men have jobs and wives, women have husbands, wives have family. Two incomes support two families.

    2. One man and one woman get the jobs. Each can afford a family. The man with the job marries the woman with the job. In contrast, the man without the job cannot a mind a mate since women don’t want men without jobs. So, the woman without the job doesn’t marry the man without the job.
    Since the man with the job and woman with the job married, both their incomes serve just one family. Meanwhile, the man without the job has no money and no family. And the woman without the job doesn’t want to marry the man with no job, so she has nothing too.
    So, we have all the good stuff in one family and nothing for the other two. Also, since both man and woman work, there is a chance that they will have no kids or just one kid. All that combined income goes to serve very narrow interests. Two get it all, the other two get nothing.

    3. One man and one woman get the jobs. Each can afford a family. The man with the job marries the woman without a job. In contrast, the woman with the job remains unmarried because she doesn’t want to marry the man without a job. Under this formulation, three get something while the male without a job get nothing. The man with a job has a wife, the woman without a job, and they can have a family. The woman with a job has money even if no husband. She has no family but she has money to have fun with.
    But the man without a job has no money and no wife. Such a man is destined for White Death.

    4. Two women get the jobs, and that means the two men have no jobs. Since women don’t want to marry men without jobs, the women spend all their income on themselves in wild consumerism. They don’t want a family with loser men with no jobs. Since the two men got no jobs, they lose status and hope.

    Of the four options, only #1 offers something for everyone.

    #3 isn’t so terrible since 3 out of 4 get something.

    #2 is awful because 2 get everything while 2 get nothing. Still, its saving grace is there is formation of at least one family.

    #4 is horrible because 2 get everything but there is no family. All that money is spent on fleeting vanity and hedonism.

    Now, one might hope for a world where 4 people can have 4 good jobs, but the world isn’t like that. There is only a limited number of jobs that can support families.

    When women entered the work force in big numbers, they took away lots of good jobs from men. Every woman who got a good job robbed a man not only of a job but of a family. When a man takes a job from a woman, he doesn’t take away her chance of having a family since men with jobs will marry women without jobs.
    When women take jobs from men, it leads to men losing their market value as marriage prospects. Women not only take the jobs form men but also the hope of family, the most important thing in life(because people, as life-forms, are created from families and pass down their genes and memory by forming their own families).
    When women have high-paying jobs, their standards go up in the mating game. But since fewer men have good jobs, the ‘ideal man’ is harder to find. So, women with jobs face a drought in marriageable men. Since they only want to marry a successful man and will not settle for anything less, many women would rather blow all their money on vanity and self-pleasure. So, the income that, in the hands of man, could have supported a family ends up serving the vain piggery of a woman hooked to SEX AND CITY lifestyle.

    How did we end up like this? It’s because we forgot the lesson that we are, first and foremost, organisms or life-forms. The role of life-form is to sustain itself. Everyone will die one day and so will his/her loved one, the partner in life. So, how do they ‘survive’ after death? Through their children who are continuation of their DNA and cultural/personal torchbearers of their forebears memory. That’s what Judaism is about, indeed how it got started. It was about remembrance of ancestors by descendants, and it all went back to the Covenant.

    Now, we are more than mere life-forms like animals. We have advanced brains, and we need ideas, values, and culture. Still, all those things only exist in and matter to the living. All the books in the world mean nothing without people to read them, and every person is the product of man and woman(unless we create a Brave New World scenario of clones by the state). We are more than biology, but it begins with and is made possible by biology. Without biology, there is no being.
    And the main source of meaning is in the family since every person was created by father and mother and since every person can only ‘live on’ after death via the DNA passed down to his/her kids who are also the cultural/personal torchbearers of their parents’ lives.

    But for some reason, the cult of individualism made us forget that every individual is a ‘continual’, merely one link in the long chain of life. He didn’t pop out of a book or materialize out of the thin air or come into existence by a musing of someone’s mind. Every person is born biologically and become human emotionally.
    Because we are surrounded by books, movies, and fantasy, we seem to think reality can be created via the imagination and ‘creativity’. We’ve replaced creation with creativity. It’s no wonder that we’ve come to accept something like ‘gay marriage’. We confuse reality with fantasy, as if the world is created and sustained by wish-fulfilment. We confuse reproductive fact with creative wish. So, if two lesbians want to believe that they ‘had a kid’ together, we better go along with this charade. If a man says he is a ‘woman’, we are pressured to comply. If a bunch of freaks wanna hair-split sex into 50 genders, we are supposed to take it seriously as intellectualism and science.

    Also, consumerism divorced pleasure from purpose. Life-forms feel pleasure of food and sex because they must eat to survive and they must have sex to produce new life. But consumerism created technologies that allowed wanton eating and wanton sex for pleasure alone. So, piggery became the New Normal, as with fatso Lena Dunham who gorges on cakes while sitting on the toilet. It’s like she has to eat and shi* at the same time. And like an animal, she humps everyone, and she can sustain such behavior because there are contraceptives, pills, and abortion. This kind of porno-propaganda or pornoganda has, in some ways, become America’s main cultural message to the world. America is an exceptional country? Or an excessive cunt-ry?

    Also, the idea of freedom has become nihilistic. It’s good to be free, but for what purpose? In the end, we must make use of our freedoms. And in making any decision, we are choosing one freedom and losing all the others. If we choose to study medicine, we don’t have free time to study other things. We must commit to medicine. If we study chemistry, there are other stuff we can’t study. If we decide to read a book, then we can’t read another book. We have only so much time and energy for so much. So, even though we want freedom, every choice ‘imprisons’ us with one endeavor and locks out all the rest. It’s like the scene in SUPERMAN. If Superman is to save one bunch of people, he can’t save another bunch of people. He can’t do everything. He fails to save Lois Lane and brings her back to life only by cheating.

    So, we must raise a question about the thing that is more important than freedom. We mus ask, what is the main purpose and meaning of life.
    After all, suppose there’s a society where everyone is forced to be a husband or a wife.
    And suppose there is another society where everyone is free and uses his/her freedom to only indulge himself/herself and not have families.
    In the end, isn’t the former society better off since it has families and new life? It lives on and sustains itself.
    In contrast, what good is the other society in the long run? Sure, freedom is nice, but if people used their freedom to just indulge themselves, they’ve left no legacy for the future… like so many hedonistic white folks are doing today.

    Now, we want freedom, but we need to use that freedom wisely. But everything in our ideology and culture fills our hearts, minds, eyes, and ears with the wrong lessons and vile temptations. If Lena Dunham, madonna, Emma Sulk, and Ashley Judd are the ‘role models’ for womenkind, no wonder there are so many problems. Stalinist, Nazi, or even Sharia culture is better for women. After all, the Muslim Order, repressive as it is, lasted for 0ver 1000 yrs. How long can the current West last? In the end, the worth of civilization isn’t measured by trending ideas or fashionable values. It is measured by its ability to survive and continue. The current West pontificates about its pride of ‘western values’, but if those lead to the fall of the West, they were the wrong values.

    Now, I’m not saying that the only choices are between western decadence/excess and Sharia Law. There is something in between. It’s like Aldous Huxley in BRAVE NEW WORLD REVISITED called out his mistake in BRAVE NEW WORLD of offering only two options: the world of neo-primitive brutality and orgy-porgy techo-hedonism.

    We can be both free and find meaning.
    As we are life forms, we are made of families, and we continue through families we create who carry the DNA code, remember their parents/forbears, and preserve the culture/heritage. Family is bio-socialist. Socialism sacrifices the ideal of absolute individual liberty with a system of relations calibrated for the maximum good of society. So, even though taxing the rich at higher rates than others is ‘unfair’ by libertarian principles, it is deemed necessary since the rich can afford to pay more for the GOOD of society. So, socialism takes into consideration the difference between being rich, being middle income, and being poor. In a similar vein, bio-socialism takes into account that men and women are not mere individuals to be understood by abstract theories. It’s not just about individuals and choice. Men and women are biological creatures brought into being by a certain biological process, grow ideally in a sound family environment, and whose legacy is assured by forming families of their and having children. So, family becomes the foremost bio-socialist unit in the formulation of what is best for society. In the aforementioned scenario of 2 men and 2 women in a society with jobs, bio-socialism will favor 2 men getting the jobs since everyone will get something. 2 jobs held by 2 men can support 2 families.

    But the family has come under attack by feminism and other nutjob ideologies. Also, the role of mother has been mocked as ‘having babies’ as if that is all a woman does: lays babies like a chicken lays eggs. In fact, babies soon grow into children, and creating a child is the process of creating a human with mind, heart, ideas, values, and etc. Every day, millions of new neurons are added to children, and the process of their growth is fascinating. Besides, what is a more rewarding ‘thing’ for a person to create than another thinking & feeling human being with heart and soul? Besides, all the products and services offered by professions and jobs exist only to serve human beings. So, creating and developing a new human being is the richest experience in life. It’s why Michael Corleone says at the beginning of GODFATHER III(though bad movie) that the most precious things in this world are children. No matter how rich Michael is, he will die, and then the ONLY people who will remember and care about him are his survivors, the kids and grandkids. His money and his mansions and cars have no mind, no heart, no nothing. Only life remembers life.
    But in our world, the Ideal is for a guy with good job to marry a woman with a good job(which means one less man with a good job who can afford a family), and since are too busy with work, the raising of the kids is left to PC ideologues(teacher hacks) and the Mammon of Pop Culture that corrupts children from a young age.

    The modern world is great for giving us freedoms that our ancestors didn’t have and didn’t know how to have. And initially, modern people had both freedom and meaning, a sense of purpose. They were freed from traditional bonds but still morally and culturally informed by those bonds and values. It’s like Michael Corleone has freedoms that his forbears didn’t in Old Sicily, but having grown up in a culture of family and values, his individuality is shaped by those values. He has freedom but also cultural compass.

    But as the cult of freedom took on a life of its own via ideological arrogance and hedonistic excess, the connection to a sense of purpose was lost.
    Ideology gave people a sense of permanence through ideas when, in fact, ideas only exist in the minds of people, life forms. No people, no ideas. Ideas are nothing without minds to appreciate them, and minds are bio-mass of life-forms.

    If ideology gave people a false sense of permanence via books & arts, entertainment made people feel that the Moment is Forever. Thus, people lose sight of the larger sense of time and history as they’ve become hooked to pop music or movies that glorify the orgiastic hysterics of the moment. Humans went from organismic to the orgasmic. So, even middle aged men and women still feel like teenagers as they listen to pop music and watch hollywood movies about caped heroes. Or when they play dumb video games.

    We need to find a way to reconnect freedom with meaning and purpose.
    All these pussyhat feminists bitch and whine about ‘freedom’, as if Trump is going to turn them all into chattel slaves. But in fact, the real problem women face today is lack of meaning and purpose with all their misguided freedoms. They have freedom, but the choices they’ve made are terrible, not least because our reigning ideology and culture encourages women to act like SEX AND CITY, Lena Dunham, Miley Cyrus, Emma Sulk, or one of those trashy shallow pseudo-intellectuals who write for NYT or yammer on NPR.

    In a way, the odd alliance of feminists and Muslims suggest at something buried in the feminist psyche. There is something within them that is crying out for meaning, order, purpose, and continuance. Is it any surprise that Lindsey Lohan is leaning toward Islam?

    Only a neo-fascism can restore the order and balance in Western Man and Woman.

    The history of mankind has offered people four basic choices:

    1. Forcing people to do what is the right thing.

    2. Forcing people to do what is the wrong thing.

    3. Giving people freedom, and people freely doing the wrong thing.

    4. Giving people freedom, and people freely doing the right thing.

    The best of all possible worlds will have most people in #4 mode.
    The worst of all possible worlds will have most people in #3 mode.

    Why is #3 worse than #2? Why is a world where people are forced to do the wrong thing better than one where people freely do the wrong thing?
    Because in the #3 scenario, there is still a political/social power that can make people do the right thing under a new policy. It may be currently forcing people to do the wrong thing, but with a change of course, the system can force the people to do the right thing.
    In contrast in the #3 scenario, the people have the freedom/power to do the wrong thing, and there is no higher power to stop them or correct them. This is why black problem today is worse than black problem during slavery. During slavery, whites forced blacks to be slaves, the wrong thing. And slavery had to end. But since whites still had the power, they could make blacks do the right things with the end of slavery. In contrast, the corrupt and free blacks of today won’t listen to anything since they got the Agency and Power. But to do what with their freedom? Turn cities into Detroit and Baltimore. Blacks used their freedom to turn their communities into neo-jungles and bitch,whine, and holler like mad baboons. And since they have all the freedoms and rights under the law, they can just go on acting loutish.
    In contrast, blacks in Cuba are in scenario #2. Cuban Socialism doesn’t really work. It is the wrong thing. It keeps blacks doing what is economically backward and inefficient. BUT, the state still has control over the blacks, so if state policy were to change one day for the better, blacks can be pressured to do the right thing under state power. But a lot of American blacks are hopeless. They got the power and freedom and they used it for total lunacy and jungle behavior. And there is no power above them to say NO.

    One might say #1 and #4 have same results and so are equally valid. Whether people are forced to do the right thing OR use their freedom to do the right thing, the end result is people doing the right thing. Still, we want freedom. We don’t want to be forced to do stuff by some tyranny.

    Under system #1, even those who want to do the wrong thing have no choice but to do the right thing.
    Under system #4, those with the freedom to do the wrong thing still choose to do the right thing. That is true morality, but increasingly harder to come by these days because of family breakdown, cultural decadence, moral degeneration, and etc. After all, in order for people to freely do the right thing, they must be inculcated with good, sound, and healthy values and outlook and understanding. But just look at the state of PC and Pop Culture. We are raising kids to be self-absorbed tards and snowflakes and loons. Why so many kids get tattoos? They have no sense of time, of tomorrow. They don’t think, “yrs will pass and I might look back and find this tattoo really stupid.” No, all they care about is the NOW. If they think it’s cool NOW, they must get it and just fuc* tomorrow.

    In order for #4 to work, we need a society that promotes culture and values of maturity, sobriety, dignity, and integrity, like what Vito Corleone had(except for the organized crime thing, but then he was pressured into by that no-good Fanucci who was fleecing the neighborhood).
    But if #4 is rendered impossible because our culture creates tons of idiots with PC and junk culture, then the only option is to go back to #1.

    #1 is unpleasant even if it forces people to do the right thing because we want to be free and also, we want people to do the right thing out of moral sense than out of social coercion. Still, #1 is the only option when #4 fails and we slip into a state of #3. The black American community, at this point, can only fix its problems through #1 option. Too many blacks have freely acted to be a total tards and chillun.

    It’s funny. Life is a form of energy.
    The modern world has tons of energy made possible by electricity. Look at Earth at night from space, and you can see entire areas lit up by tons of electricity. We see the most lights in Western nations and East Asian nations. So much industrial and recreational energy… and yet, so little life energy, so little energy of reproduction. Modern folks are like moths before an artificial light. They are addicted to the false life of industrial energy that fills them with light, convenience, and entertainment, but they have lost the sense of real energy, that of life itself. Because industrial energy is so powerful, those who huddle around it feel so alive, but it’s all an illusion. Watching TV filled with flashing images or playing some roller-coaster video-game may make one feel alive, but it’s all illusion. Being around all that industrial energy has sapped modern man of life energy, that of family and creation of new life for legacy.

    In contrast, the dark continent of Africa is having lots of kids and producing lots of life. They lack in industrial energy but they have something far more valuable: life energy.
    And they will eventually move to the modern world with its aging and dying populations who prefer the artificial ‘life’ of industrial energy over the real energy of life around family and culture.

    Some people say we need to return to Christian values, but I don’t know. Christianity is a mixed blessing.
    Christianity is like coal. It offers lots of spiritual heat and moral warmth. But it has to be handled with care with good ventilation. Why? What does coal produce? Carbon Monoxide or CO which is odorless and lethal.
    So, the Church needs good ventilation system. Yes, the Church teaches us to love mankind and be forgiving, and etc. That is a good message to warm the soul. But too much of anything is never any good. And excessive utopian save-the-world sermonizing of Christians can have the effect of CO.
    So, we need to ventilate the Church. Give us the sermon about love and forgiveness but air out too much sanctimoniousness that turns people into holier-than-thou pied-pipers of their race to extinction.
    Also, Christians need to be reminded that Jesus never said the world of man could be saved. He only said that man should try to be good and seek the Lord’s grace in the afterlife.


  9. Mark Saint // February 7, 2017 at 10:51 am //

    Very well done article Matt, you have hit the nail on the head. You have laid out your postion in exact detail. We are now witnessing the final destruction of our Christian faith by the rapture doctrine. Most of our mainstream Christians would be abhorrent to Christ, they have become the white sepulchre.

    This is our plight now, Christianity offers the youth no hope. It offers us ZOR (Zionist Occupied Religion) of which you must pay for your sins of greatness or suffer ridicule. So, the awakened youth see through the religious propaganda of ZOR, and where do they turn? They have basically three chocies. European Paganism, Islam or Scientific Atheism.

    The Church has failed in it’s duty put forth by Christ and the Apostles. It has accepted corruption.

    For us to be successful as a movement, we must rebot Christianity. The youth are not to blame, it is the misguided Church.


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