Welfare Mudshark, Former Lapdancer with 8 Niglets Wants to Be a Car Mechanic, but Men Harrass Her!

This week’s Mudshark of the week award goes to Marie Buchan of Birmingham, UK and reads like a comedy script! The fact that she has 8 niglets kind of kills the humor though.


Yeah, she wears a white tank top to work on cars and wipes her hands on her boobs, but the men in the shop act like perverts and that’s why she’s having a hard time finding the right job as a car mechanic.


She’s a former lapdancer who had 8 niglets on welfare and now that she’s too old to get good tips at her old trade, has decided she’d hit the world of real work as a car mechanic.

Apparently she’s had at least one real job in her life. Here’s an excerpt from the Daily Mail:

She is expected to finish her diploma in March and is keen to work.

The former lapdancer previously caused fury when she appeared on This Morning.

She said she preferred saving her care worker wages for a boob job than using it for her family because ‘child tax credits and working tax credits pay for the kids’. 

Ms Buchan previously worked as a carer to help with the cut in her yearly benefits by £6,000 but claims she realised she was worse off working.

Women like Marie are why we must restore patriarchy in the West. We have no choice. Having very many repetitions of Marie’s life story is simply incompatible with civilization. We simply must restore an unapologetic, patriarchal order. I’m not saying we need to reduce women to chattel, but even treating women like chattel to be bought and sold would be a better alternative than a system that lets this happen.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4121566/Benefits-mother-eight-complains-t-land-dream-job-mechanic-s-beautiful-men-trying-her.html#ixzz4Wdyz5VxI 


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  1. She’s going to have a helluva chop shop someday.


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