Leftist bullying campaign & attack against Richard Spencer

Stand up to liberal bullying.

Liberals in Alexandria, Virginia are organizing a campaign to bully, insult and make Altright leader Richard Spencer feel unwelcome in town, according to The Washington Post. The effort to force Spencer out of town is led by Dennis Maloney, Dylan Raycraft and Jessica Killeen. They have gathered outside his new home to protest him, put up signs around the neighborhood camparing him to a dog and harassed him at his door. Maloney is quoted as saying, “We will not tolerate this. You are not welcomed.” Apparently the Left’s rhetoric about tolerance, free speech and open-mindedness is empty when it comes to those such as Spencer with whom they disagree.

UPDATE: The campaign against Spencer intensified today as he was encircled, attacked and punched by a gang of Leftists on the street while walking back from the Trump inauguration. Here is a video of him talking about the attack.

Spencer heads the National Policy Institute and is an editor at Altright.com. He travels to colleges throughout the United States to speak about issues of identity. Spencer also regularly hosts major conferences in Washington, DC and elsewhere. He is polite, well-educated non-threatening and laughs a lot. Spencer simply holds views with which Maloney, Raycraft and Killeen disagree – and for this they are attempting to run him out of town.


If you disapprove of the bullying tactics being used against Spencer by intolerant Left-wingers in Alexandria you might want to contact them and let them know such behavior is wrong. Here is their contact information:

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