California School Teacher Lynched over Confederate Flag

A schoolteacher in Folsom, California has been placed on administrative leave after a Confederate Flag was “found” on display in the classroom. Horrible. Using his teaching position as a form of propaganda like that. No wait, it was displayed along with the Union Flag in a Lincoln’s War exhibit. So far we have no word on anybody reacting to the Union Flag.

Here’s a direct copy/paste from the school district’s facebook page:

UPDATE TO COMMUNITY ON INCIDENT AT SUTTER MIDDLE SCHOOL: Sutter Middle School families were informed today about a serious allegation regarding one of its staff members. Late last night, the District was notified that a teacher had hung a Confederate flag in his classroom. This teacher was previously the subject of a complaint for making an inappropriate lynching analogy during a lesson in November.

Due to the seriousness and troubling nature of the allegation, we have placed this teacher on paid administrative leave while the school and District conduct a thorough investigation.

We recognize that regardless of context, to many of our students, families, and staff, the Confederate flag is a racist symbol of hate. Although this matter is under investigation, it is important to reiterate: Any employee who is found to engage in behavior that creates an unsafe environment for students will face full consequences, including the possibility of initiating termination proceedings.

In this case, the flag – which was found across the room from a Civil War Union flag, potentially in preparation of a history activity – was removed from the classroom before school began today.

It is our schools’ responsibility to provide a safe learning environment for all children. Sutter Middle has begun a new project in which staff are working with an outside coach to facilitate student-led discussion groups. This will help the school better understand its experiences and how students and staff can work together to contribute to a positive climate. The District, as well, is developing a plan to address how our teachers, staff members, and administrators can improve culturally responsive teaching and leadership practices.

We will provide updates to the community as soon as they become available. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact the District at 916-294-9000 ext. 104530. And thank you for your continued partnership to create a positive environment for all of our learners.

I’m just glad none of the children were hurt in this act of carelessness. It’s a good thing the flag was taken down before class, because if there’s one thing we don’t need, it’s another Newtown. The featured image at the top of this article is from the district facebook page, presumably representative of the students we want to protect from Confederate Flag sightings.

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