Negro of the Week: John Lewis

This week’s Negro of the Week award goes to Georgia Congressnegro, John Lewis. Not only was John a key civil wrongs icon in his younger days, he has risen to Congress in a heavily negroized district and now rejects the results of the recent presidential election. His excuse of course is that the Russians intervened in the election by leaking Hillary emails.

We haven’t heard a word from Negro John about Democrat incompetence at keeping their internal emails private and how that should disqualify them from running anything important. The first thing Negro John needs us to understand is that the leaked emails are the Russians’ fault and not Hilary’s. From there it is easy to make the connection that Trump is in bed with Russia. It makes no difference to Negro John that Hilary is in bed with Saudi Arabia.

Negro John appears to have been born on the wrong continent. His political genius seems much more suited for an African country if you ask me.

Please take a moment to  congratulate Negro John for his latest award on twitter: @repjohnlewis

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