Episode 027 – MLK’s Real Legacy

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Harold Crews and Brad Griffin of Occidental Dissent discuss the true legacy of King and compare it to the myth. Brad begins with the well known failings of King. Among his many vices and frauds are his penchant for adultery; use of prostitutes; plagiarism during is education and political activist career; and his long time association with known Marxists. The later part of the show covers the less discussed legacy of King. That being his role in the destruction of the Negro family and community that had previously flourished under Jim Crow. The transfer of wealth through politics advocated by King made the father in the Negro family superfluous. All of which destroyed not only Negro families and communities but also levied and enormous cost on white communities as well through higher crime, higher taxes, destruction of education, and loss of wealth through white flight. Brad finishes up with his recent tracing of the route of the Selma to Montgomery marches to note the degeneracy that took place in March 1965 and to observe the destruction along the march route brought about by King, Rep. John Lewis, and the “Civil Rights Movement” as a whole.
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