Tool of the Week: Russell Moore

In his own words: Russell Moore serves as the eighth president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, the moral and public policy agency of the nation’s largest Protestant denomination.

Russell deserves a Tool of the Week award for many reasons. Among them are being one of the fastest blockers on twitter, and keeping his knees together and smiling big when he meets with Obama.

Russell goes above and beyond by reminding us that race is just skin color here, here, here, here, here, here <<Claims it’s “dangerous” to discourage transracial adoption, here, here, here << Warning: Heavy anti white supremacy countersignalling, encourages interracial marriage, and here.

Dr Moore’s curiously frequent mentions of race prompted me to use the search function on his blog to compare the number of times he mentioned Rosa Parks to the number of times he mentioned Martin Luther. I quickly found out this was a bad idea when the search for “Martin Luther” yielded pages of mentions for “Martin Luther King”. I confess, I really should have seen that coming, but I thought I’d share. So I tried a search for “John Knox” and got two results, so at least Dr Moore knows who John Knox was. I then though maybe it was unfair to compare recent American historical figures to distant European figures. I then tried searches for Billy Graham and Martin Luther King to learn that Dr. Moore has mentioned Martin Luther King 20% more times (6 pages of results) than he has mentioned Billy Graham (5 pages of results).

I then did a search for George Soros and got zero results. This is surprising since google searches for “Russell Moore George Soros” yield lots of results linking the two.

Russell also promotes Christian, jew, muslim interfaith prayers. I wonder if he suggests closing such prayers in Jesus’ name?

Moore also claims American Christians should welcome muslims, and the building of mosques in America.

It’s almost like Moore has been bought and paid for by an enemy of American Christians. Anyway, we can be sure it wasn’t the atheist Hungarian jew George Soros or I’m sure Russell would have thanked him publicly on his own blog.

Of course Moore also supports the SBC2016 decision to repudiate the Confederate Battle Flag, which ironically has a cross on it and represents the Confederacy whose motto was “Deo Vindice” while voicing no complaints over the secular US flag.

Please take a moment to thank Dr. Moore for receiving this week’s Tool of the Week award.


You can also send him a tweet @drmoore but you’ll probably only get one chance, cause if there’s one thing Russell knows how to do, it’s using the block function on twitter.

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