Mudshark of the Week: Allie Dowdle

This week’s Mudshark of the Week award goes to Allie Dowdle of Eads, Tennessee. Not only is Allie betraying her family by dating a negro, she is deflecting the blame onto the one man who probably cares more for her than any other man ever will. Her father. This is a classic example of why fathers should be legally authorized to guard the sexuality of their young daughters to well past the age of 18. The fact that her father does not have legal authority to keep the monkeys away from his young daughter and is stuck with trying to reason with her is the a crux of the problem. The other crux is that we have feral negroes running loos in North America.

It is very rare to see attention whoring, mudsharking, and verbally shaming parents all rolled up into one like this. That’s why Allie gets the award.

In her gofundme campaign, Allie has:

 First paragraph:

Bragged about her grades, advanced classes, extracurricular activity.

Second paragraph:

Positioned herself as the innocent victim rather than the family and race traitor, when her father told her she “could do so much better” which was actually true up until Allie made herself famous for being a crowdfunded mudshark.

Continues pushing the ever so tired fairy tale that race is “just skin color”. No Allie, it’s a lot more than skin color. It’s also the number one predictor of violent crime. More predictive than income or education level, or whether the father was present during childhood.

Third paragraph:

Continues virtue signaling, inadvertently naming two significant sources of her brainwashing, “Coexist and Facing History and Ourselves, clubs that essentially encourage valueing and treating people equally.” [sic]

Fourth paragraph:

Admits to living with her parents still, but claims her father has done everything in his power to make life difficult for her. Everything would include kicking her out, but I guess that doesn’t count.

Fifth paragraph:

“All of this because I love another human being, as I was taught to do.”

Accidentally admits that race denial was brainwashed into her, since being a race traitor doesn’t come naturally.

Claims that race is just skin color again.

It hurts me to have to ask for money, as I’d rather be out working for it myself, but I currently have no other options.”

Even though as of this writing, she has tripled her stated goal, she has not closed the campaign. Why not? She must be really hurting. I’ve got a hunch Allie’s budgeting skills will prove about as strong as her reasoning skills.

“I can assure you that I am doing everything in my power to create a future for myself, but it has come to the point where I must ask for help.”

Yes, Allie appears to be doing everything in her power to advance her own interests, including shaming her parents, and most probably foisting a niglet grandchild onto them at some point in the near future. Given that she appears to have paired up with a full-blood or near full-blood negro, the resulting offspring will probably end up like this.


How could her parents be against this? Why wouldn’t they want fine mulatto grandchildren like this? Unlike tattoos and piercings, mulatto babies live on even after the foolish women are in the grave. It’s the mistake that doesn’t get buried with you.

The stupidity of these mudsharks is that almost every one of them will swear that white privilege is a real problem in society today. But then they freely choose to deny that white privilege to their own children. Do they not want the best for their own children?

Anyway, you can reach Allie to congratulate her on her award at:




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