Jew of the Week: Loren Feldman

This week’s jotw award winner is Loren Feldman. He has earned this award by his transparency and honesty with us gentiles. Unfortunately his twitter account is no longer active, but here are a few archived tweets.

“Thank g-d Jews really do run shit. Look at how inept the things we don’t are.”


Here Loren affirms what Dr. David Duke and many others have been saying all along, namely the jew domination in Hollywood, Federal Reserve, MSM, etc. Most jews would have denied it but Loren stands out among them, and that’s why he gets the award.

“The diaspora went to the four corners of the world. And now we dominate it. Wanna fuck with us? Go ahead. We will survive. You wont.”


“Jews are watching these dumb fucking goys act like crabs in a bucket.”



But this next one is my personal favorite:

“And do you really think some fucking ridiculous bloggers and tweeters are replacing the Jew run MSM? Are you really that stupid?”


Yes, Loren. I really think so. We’re just now getting started. The jew cartel of the MSM is crumbling fast due to the rise of the Internet. Pretty soon they won’t be calling it the “mainstream” anymore. In fact I suggest we start calling it the “heritage media” instead.

You can congratulate Loren:

by email: info@1938media.com

or at his youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/lorenfeldman



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