Yes, Jared Taylor Really Knows Japanese

In case anybody doubted the claim that Jared really knew fluent Japanese, here’s proof. Check out the toothless, racist, illiterate, incestuous redneck in action for yourself.

For everyone out there who does not know Japanese, I am going to translate:

Blondie: Hello.

Jared: Sit down, Slant Eye, and get on with it.

Blondie: Yes, Massah Whitey. (sits down) Our First question is “How do you feel about current race relations in America?”

Jared: These damn niggers are really asking for it. I would hang them all myself, but the damn yanks would have a conniption fit until I got sent to prison and have to share a cell with all the niggers I couldn’t get to because they were in prison. And I ain’t got no desire for butt sex with Tyrone.

Blondie: What’s a yank?

Jared: They are the real enemy. Always preaching this equality bullshit, using Irish and German immigrants as cannonfodder to go fight the South for peacefully seceding. I’m telling you these yanks are the scum of the Earth. To be honest, they are the real enemy. After we hang them all, the negroes will just be pawns. We could even use them as slaves again.

Blondie: What about the indigenous immigrants from Latin America?–I’ve heard there are millions of them.

Jared: Yeah, they breed like roaches. To be honest, they would make better slaves than negroes. They work a lot harder.

Blondie: So you’re a white supremacist then?

Jared: You damn right I’m a supremacist. Why would I not be? After all, we whites are a race of conquerers. What will we do if not conquer and subjugate our racial competitors? If we don’t enslave them then the obvious alternative is to just genocide them.

Blondie: Sounds like you’ve been reading some of Prez Davis’ articles over at TRS and Dixie Daily.

Jared: Yeah, Prez has been a great mentor of mine. He really says what needs to be said and he does it in well argued, succinct articles. I like it. A lot of people may counter signal him, but one thing they don’t do is offer up a well argued rebuttal. Everybody knows it’s the truth. Stupid cucks. All they know how to do is countersignal to try and position themselves on some morally superior pedestal. We can’t count on them for shit. I don’t blame them though, I’d do the same thing if I were a timid coward.

Blondie: What about the Jews?

Jared: (smiles) Oh, yes, my brother Jews! They look white to me! I mean DNA tests, show that they are indeed primarily Middle Eastern descent but I don’t believe in that Nazi science! Phhft. You’ll have to turn to David Duke or Kevin MacDonald or Andrew Anglin if you want some kind of convoluted yarn about how they have undergone selective pressure to look white because being able to pass for white made them more likely to survive a pogrom. Stupid Nazis. Those guys are so incompetent and struggling. Have you seen Andrew begging for money over at Daily Stormer? He got his Paypal shut down, Google Wallet shut down, Libera pay shut down, credit card processing shut down, can’t use Disqus comments–I heard you couldn’t even access Daily Stormer from Pizza Hut wifi now because the Jews pathologically altruistic white people got it blocked. As a matter of fact Anglin can’t even run third party ads on his website. You don’t see that shit happening to Amren do you? We’ve got ad banners galore! People complain about our ads all the time! And we have Disqus comments, and Paypal.

Blondie: Thank you, that concludes our interview for today. You have been very informative.

Jared: Yeah, you better scram. I have work to do. All those Disqus comments we get saying bad things about the Jews my fellow white people don’t delete themselves, you know.

Blondie: Here, please accept this rare Pokémon card as a parting gift. (bows)

Jared: (Accepts card, bows)





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