Negro of the Week: Richard Fowler

Our very first Negro of the Week Award goes to none other than Fox News’ Richard Fowler. You’ve seen him on TV, now check out his Youtube channel.

Here Richard expresses utmost uppityness humility when he makes a video to brag about announce getting made a  pet negro contributor at Fox News. Congratulations, Richard, the accomplishments just keep piling up! Next thing you know, you’ll be doing lotion commercials too.

Here’s a vid where Richard tells us all about his “racist” hate mail. Listen closely to see if you can pick up on the racist part, because I didn’t. In fact I didn’t even hear the part about how he knew that the sender wasn’t a fellow negro. If the guy was White, he was obviously an antiracist cuckservative that thought negroes were somehow fixable. Just goes to show you how well being a cuck works. It gets you called a racist on YouTube with your email thrown in to boot.

Also, check out those hand movements. I thought he was going to do a triple snap before it was over.

Everyone, please take a moment to congratulate Richard on his Twitter account:


or his fanpage:


or his email:

richwebster@fowlershow.com  But remember, Richard has already told you in the video above that he will share your email even though he is not willing to share his. As he said, it is for his personal safety that he doesn’t share his email, because people get shot and stabbed through email all the time. And with all the military grade automatic high powered AK15 assault emails out there this is a big safety issue. And we definitely don’t want the KKK to get Richard with an email.

Congratulations, Richard!

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