Tool of the Week: Evan McMullin

Remember Evan McMullin? The half-jew that ran as a TOOL to siphon off votes from Trump in Utah? Well he’s still giving it his best try hard despite embarrassing failure and embarrassing feedback on twitter. Just look at the comments he gets on his tweets. It takes a special kind of tool to keep doubling down on the narrative like that. Despite his limited intelligence, Evan is unshakeable in his toolism. That’s why Evan is this week’s Tool of the Week.






It’s important to remember that before the election, Evan was worried about #PussyGrab and all that, but I guess now that the election is over, all he can do is attack the legitimacy of the outcome. The important thing is that Trump’s civic nationalism will not ruin demographics fast enough. Evan wants to brown us out on high speed rather than nice and slow like Trump wants. Got it.

According to his twitter bio Evan stands for both equality and liberty. Someone with normal intelligence would understand that in an ordered society those two would be mutually exclusive to each other. How much liberty will we afford prisoners? If we don’t afford them as much liberty as we do to good citizens, then we must compromise equality. Shall we make good citizens equal to criminals? Then we must compromise liberty.

Anyway, please take a moment to tweet a quick congrats to @Evan_McMullin  on being recognized as Tool of the Week. He deserves recognition for working so hard. That’s working hard on twitter, not in his official capacity as a GOP rep. Of course I guess he’s doing less damage on twitter, just like Obama does less damage by playing golf instead of working.

Good work Evan.

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