The Most Extreme Race Denial I Have Ever Seen

The race denial is incredibly strong in this tweet. Steve’s twitter profile says he’s from Alabama. Incredible. Absolutely incredible. To give him the benefit of the doubt, he may not be born and raised in Alabama, but if he was he has no excuse. People this willing to deny such obvious reality are a hazard to our civilization and should never be allowed to vote. Seriously, if this guy is doubling down on his race denial even while sharing this video online, then he is not fit to vote or to breed. The problem I have with people like this is that we cannot just leave them alone to make their own mistakes and ruin their own lives because their stupidity would take the rest of us down with them. If you are a drug addict or alcoholic, it’s mostly you and your immediate family that suffers the consequences, but if you are a race denying, virtue signaling shitlib or cuckservative then you are a danger to society.


Nice Trump hat, Steve. Don’t worry. The important thing is that the niglets are here LEGALLY.

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