Lying Jew Plants Note on His Own Car

Second thought, maybe he didn’t even plant it on his car. He probably just wrote the note, crumbled it up, and took a pic of it right from his warm and cozy home. I’m gonna go ahead and call this. I just found it on my timeline and it was obvious as a readheaded niglet at a family reunion.


This is about as convincing as that Mississippi church burning with Trump painted on the side, or those attention whores that claimed Trump sexually assaulted them. Ridiculous and desperate. These jews just can’t resist playing victim. It’s like an internal urge that they have a need to placate. They are like teenyboppers in grown men’s bodies. No countersemitism today? No problem, just make something up.

In his twitter bio he claims to be from London, living in DC. He also claims to be a Red Sea pedestrian.

Once enough Southerners see the light when it comes to the JQ, then it’s gonna be all over.

Remember lads, the jews might claim to have crossed the Red Sea, but the Anglo can prove he crossed the Oceans.

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