Another Hoax Note. Black “Victim” This Time.

Dayum. These hoax notes just keep popping up! But that’s to be expected, since it is way easier to fake a nonthreatening note than an actual crime or something. I think we can be at least 90% confident that this note was also a hoax.


Look, the note is obviously in a female’s handwriting, and poor grammar. It’s like it was written by a black waitress or something. I bet the ink even matches the pen she used that day. I think most whites would have opted to include the subject “We” or “I” and left off the “people” at the end if they were abbreviating due to limited space. I mean really, what white racist is gonna write “black people” when he could just write “blacks” or “nigs”?

But don’t worry, she’s cashing in because gullible shitlib whites are stopping by and leaving her tips. Let them leave all the tips they want. It’ll probably just go toward weave, KFC, and press on nails, and that’s way better than other things shitlibs might donate money to.

Even if the note was written by racist white diners, the only big deal is that they wrote the note to say there would be no tip. That’s pretty unusual. Most nontippers would just walk out without tipping, and anybody that wanted to hurt the shegro in question wouldn’t have put “great service” in the note. However it is very likely that a shegro with a 2 digit IQ would:

  1. have an incentive to write the note in the first place (check)
  2. bait race (check)
  3. compliment her service (check)
  4. talk about it to news outlets (check)
  5. take tips from well meaning fools (presumable check since news outlets mention tips but don’t mention her turning them down)

These negroes would be so easy to beat in a racewar–not that I would approve of any such thing. It’s no wonder that they are the universal slaves among the world.

Ok, so let’s examine all possibilities here. It is possible that the note could be authentic. Suppose the note really was written by a white woman. Has she committed some crime other than thought crime or speech crime? I mean she went to the trouble of complimenting the sheboon’s work, does she get credit for that? And there’s certainly no rule that diners must leave tips, cause if that were the case negroes would be in real trouble. It’s well known that whites tip better than blacks. In fact it’s so well known that  Washington post and LA Times have written excuses for the behavior.

Now let’s see if Laudon County NAACP will tweet this post.


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