Pre-Negroized Country Music

This is a great tune from the great Marty Robbins. Here’s the full description from the Youtube user that posted it:

This record was banned by Columbia Records and never saw the light of day until Bear Family included it in their great Marty Robbins box set ‘Country 1960-1966.’ It was politically dynamite; too controversial and outspoken, but personally I think it would have torn up both the Pop charts as well as the Country chart. After Columbia banned it’s release Marty got Bobby Sykes to cover it and his version was put out on Sims Records. I don’t know if it got much chart action, but it would have been interesting to see how the Robbins version would have fared if the men in suits in New York had okayed the release. Dave Dudley’s great record ‘Vietnam Blues’ was a similar kind of anti-hippy anthem on Mercury Records which carried the same message as Marty’s, but wasn’t banned. Strange that.

I suspect a similar song would be banned today also. It’s also too implicitly white for most stations anyway. But we’re going to change that. We are committed to cultural change in a positive direction. At some point things will reach a tipping point and we will win. Just like the Spanish Reconquista, someday our descendants will study it in history class as the Dixian Reclamation.

Hail Dixie!

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